• Aux Cylinder & Toggle Assembly
  • Dial Indicator
  • Aux Cylinder & Toggle Assembly
  • Dial Indicator

Subcontract Machining

Here at Power Cylinder Products we also have a sub-contract precision engineering machining facility. We are adaptable enough to cater for reverse engineered “one-off’s” or prototypes through to production in high volume machined components in a variety of materials for many industrial sectors.

We are a provider of project managed machining solutions trusted for our resolute commitment to quality and on time delivery.

Machine Capacity List

  • Ikegai AX15Z CNC Turning centre
    • 400 mm Max Swing Over Bed
    • 200 mm Chuck Size
  • Bridgeport Interact Series II MDI CNC Mill
  • Raybrook Beam Hone
    • Max Diameter 12”
    • Max Stroke Length 36”
  • Hegenscheidt Roller Burnishing Machine
  • RJH Cougar Belt Linisher
    • Centreless Linishing Up to 2”
  • Herbert 2D Capstan Bar Lathe
  • Kitchen Walker 3’ 6” Radial Arm Drill
  • Floor Standing 20 Ton Hydraulic Bearing Press
  • Glovegate Industries Media Blast Cabinet
  • Ajax Bench Standing Pillar Drill
  • Pedrazzoli SN275 Band Saw

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